Al Shahir Shisha Heads

Al Shahir is an Australian company with vast experience in the finest manufacturing of Shisha Molasses.

Molasses or Muassal in Arabic معسّل means honeyed. This has come to be used to refer to any honeyed or syrupy product. Our Muassal is a wonderful syrupy mix made especially and specifically for smoking in a Shisha, which is a type of waterpipe. A Shisha is also known as a Hookah, Arghilah, Nargileh and Quelyoun in various parts around the world. We have carefully and meticulously created a mix of Natural leaves with flavourful molasses for your enjoyment.

At Al Shahir, every effort is focused on delivering the finest Shisha Molasses product experience, from manufacturing to marketing and worldwide distribution.

You, our customers, are the elite for us as we create a product that is elite for you. This is our approach at Al Shahir and the view we take towards our products and customer experience. This is also why we are constantly challenging our Flavour Engineers to research and develop our flavours so that we remain leaders in this special market and very importantly, that our products are befitting the Shahir tastes.

Our premium quality Shisha Molasses flavours are the preferred choice of customers who want a premium Quality, Taste, Flavour and want to enjoy an elite Shisha experience.

Our non-tobacco products are processed with the latest equipment and carefully packaged to seal in the freshness and flavours,

Al Shahir "The Famous"

Al Shahir Molasses is a unique blend mixed and soaked in real fruit flavoured molasses. This makes Al Shahir famous for its premium quality.

Al Shahir Famous Shisha Molasses

Our famous molasses uses only the best ingredients from around the world. The fame is born and cultivated from giving any taste enthusiast a sophisticated flavour and smooth experience.

Each one of our flavours can be enjoyed on its own or by mixing it with our other renowned and famous or famously unique flavours for a mind blowing or just famously chilled experience.

The Manufacturer

Our non-tobacco products are processed with the latest equipment and they are carefully packaged to seal in the flavours and the freshness. They are produced in the beautiful landscape of Moldova Eastern Europe from specially selected natural leaves and premium quality flavours. This is all done with the thought that you, our valued Al Shahir customers always enjoy an Al Shahir experience.

Our processes are engineered in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility to preserve and maintain the highest quality products right up to our customers experience. The entire process of Blending, Flavouring, Filling, Packing and Final Packaging follows strict International standards. Regular Quality Testing by qualified and experienced professionals ensures that our products conform to the latest international quality standards.

Our constant focus on product innovation drives us to continuously develop flavours which appeal to both traditional and flavour adventurous customers. We aim to appeal to all who want to indulge in the regular and social Al Shahir Shisha Experience. We have many internationally renowned flavours and we are continuously innovating, developing and expanding our range of traditional and unique flavours to meet the demand of our Al Awaloun customers.

At Al Shahir, every effort is focused on delivering the finest Shisha Molasses product experience.